The restaurant La Encantaria de las Cinco Villas is located inside the Hospedería de Sádaba.
Fourteen years of experience in Zaragoza give us enough credibility for our customers to enjoy us from all over Spain.
With Joan Rosell and Isabel Elorri in charge of the establishment, La Encantaria won the “Third best restaurant in Aragon” according to the subscribers of the prestigious magazine Gastro Aragón.

In La Encantaria we work with the best genre of both Aragon and Navarra, being our region of the Five Villas border between the two ancient kingdoms.
We join in our letter the best of the two gardens and try to work as far as possible with the philosophy of “Kilometer 0”, which is none other than to try to always consume the best products of the area and adjoining localities.

You can enjoy in our menus and menus the most natural honeys, the freshest eggs, the most impressive meats such as the Lamb of Sádaba, the Biota of Biota, the prestigious rice of our cooperative, the delicate wines of our region.

Our cuisine, based on a fusion between traditional and modern, does not leave anyone indifferent.
Classic recipes such as the roasted ternasco or the ox tail stew are perfectly matched with more modern ones like duck rice and leg with prawn ice cream or sea and cold mountain chicken with barnacles.

The world of wine in our region is very ingrained and in our restaurant we can also enjoy a well kept wine cellar in which we will find from the prestigious garnachas of the region to the most modern and fun wines of any other denomination of Spanish origin.
Also the sausage of the zone reaches great prominence in our kitchen and we find from the delicious sausage of ternasco elaborated by ourselves to the popular butifarras and sausages of Erla or the cheeses of the Five Villas, great number of them with the quality C.

We also work in the region with ecological agriculture, biodynamics and homeodynamics.
Neither do we often lack in our kitchen products such as the oils of the area, Luesia’s bowls, Sos chocolates, ham and mushrooms in the region.

On the other hand, to enjoy the butter cakes and the bread of firewood that they prepare in the oven of the locality is a pleasure that not every day is within the reach of all.

Welcome to Cinco Villas
Welcome to the Hospedería de Sádaba.
Welcome to La Encantaria
We wait for you.

Monday closed and Sunday night there will be no dinners.

The remaining days will be open from 13:00 to 15:30 and from 21:00 to 22:30

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